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Current Exhibition

The Essence Of The Vacuum Cleaner - Lutz Möller

Galerie Geyso, April 27 - July 5, 2024



On Friday, April 26, we opened our solo exhibition of the international acclaimed artist Lutz Möller, whose nine works were recently included in the Federal Republic's collection of contemporary art.

The exhibition is accompanied by a richly illustrated catalog with a text by art historian and curator Dr. Andreas Bee. "Lutz Möller has been drawing the same everyday objects for over sixty years: vacuum cleaner, irons and ironing boards, toasters and mixers, bed sheets and towels hanging on washing lines." Möllers qick and practiced style unfolds a light and effortless effect on the viewer and "the drawings reveal a surprising beauty", writes the author Andreas Bee in his catalog text "I Want To Break Free".

The sensitive documentary by the Belgian film team Tillo Huygelen, Jolke Van Aerde and Martijn Van de Wiele, takes the viewers into the world of the Geyso 20 studio. They show many facets of the encounter with Möller, in which quiet and thoughtful moments alternate with humorous interactions between Lutz Möller, the team and his fellow artists.

If you would like to meet Lutz Möller in person, then come to the gallery on Sunday, June, 9 at 3:00 p.m. Merit Schongar and the artist will talk about art, irons, vacuum cleaners and much more over coffee and cake.

Merit Schongar will give the final public tour on June, 29 at 6:00 p.m.

We look forward to your visit.







Picture: Lutz Möller, w. t., w. y., archive Geyso20


Christine Hoffmann exhibits at the international Festival IDYLLEREI - 24 in Nuremberg

May 31 - June 2, 2024

Barrier-free festival of the arts, KulturWerkstatt Auf AEG, Nuremberg


We are delighted that our colleagues from Nuremberg have invited Christine Hoffmann to show her work at the international festival IDYLLEREI - 24.

The people in her pictures fit in our idea of queer and diverse representing our open idea of normality. This fits very well into a festival that explores this topic both artistically as well in workshops and seminars: Where are the normal people and what is normality?

The figures in her paintings look at us directly. At the same time, their facial expressions are reserved and their posture are somewhat stiff. Her characteristic tremulous way of painting contrasts this rigidity and sets people and their surroundings in motion.

The people in her pictures have diverse backgrounds: fashonistas form the TV-show "Shopping Queen", construction workers, paramedics, firemen and many more. They reflect the diversity of our current social normality. The festival visitors will experience this in Nuremberg.

Christine Hoffmanns' work will be shown in dialogue with works by artists from Serbia, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and Cuba, as well as from Hamburg, Berlin, Osnabrück, Nuremberg, Schermbeck, Dreden and Zeulenroda-Tribes.

Check out the festival programme here.


Picture: Christine Hoffmann, w.t., 2011


Geyso20 continues cooperation with the Kunstverein Braunschweig

Braunschweig, starting at march 15


We are very pleased to continue our long-time and friendly cooperation with the Kunstverein Braunschweig as part of the exhibition around the work of Bärbel Lange.

On thursday march 28, 6 pm and april 25, 6 pm, a member of the Kunstvereins´ mediation team, will guide, together with Johanna Kranz and Nina Roskamp from Geyso20, through the Villa Salve Hospes and the Remise to talk about the works in the exhibition and about their own artistic work.

The opening of Bärbel Lange's exhibition will be celebrated on friday, march 15, 7 pm, at the Kunstverein Braunschweig!









Picture: Bärbel Lange, BÄR, CUT OUT. Foto: Enno Jaekel © Kunsthaus Kat 18.


Nina Roskamp new board member of the Verein für Außenseiterkunst Berlin e.V.

Berlin, february 26, 2024

We are very happy to announce that Nina Roskamp is now a board member of the Verein für Außenseiterkunst Berlin e.V. The association publishes, organises meetings in open studios and we would like to point out to the talk in the Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin, with Javier Tellez and PD Dr. Thomas Röske. The evening was funded by the Gerda Henkel Stiftung.


The photograph shows the old and the new board members David Roeder, Holger Kühne, NIna Roskamp, PD Dr. Thomas Röske, Nina Pfannenstiel, Christian von Hoffen and Alexandra von Gersdorff.

Visitors from Belgium

Tillo Huygelen, Martin Van de Wiele and Jolke Van Aerde are filming in Geyso20

The young filmteam from Gent visits the artist Lutz Möller in the atelier Geyso20. They follow him with a lot of empathy into his world of irons, nozzles and vacuum cleaners. The film will be celebratings its premier at the vernissage of Lutz Möllers solo exhibition "The Essence of the Vacuum Cleaner" on April 26th, 2024.

We are also looking forward welcoming the director of the Prinzhorn Collection, PD Dr. Thomas Röske, who will speak at the opening. He has been a fan with of Lutz Möllers work for years.

A catalogue will also be published: The curator and art historian Dr. Andreas Bee will write the text!

We are looking forward to welcoming you all on April 26th, 2024. Join us and enjoy the art in a relaxed atmosphere with drinks.




The photo shows Tillo Huygelen, Lutz Möller, Jolke Van Aerde and Martin Van de Wiele after two successful days of filming, photographed by Nina Roskamp.


The Geyso20 atelier community is very sad about the loss of Dr. Gerhild Kaselow. For over twenty years, she has played a key role in creating the atelier life. She has curated numerous exhibitions and projects. We remember her as a person with a strong empathy for the artists. With her great enthusiasm for Outsider Art, she will always play a big role in our lives and also in the atelier history.

Our condolences go out to her family.

The portrait was made by one of her favorite artists, Volker Darnedde.

Save the Date

New opening date - Gallery Geyso20

Since 2013, we are a member of the "Braunschweigische Landschaft". Their current agenda needs a little correction. Please feel warmly invited to our next opening on april 26, 7 p m: "The essence of the hover" - Lutz Möller with an introduction by PD Dr. Thomas Röske, director of the Prinzhorn Collection. We will also release a catalogue with a text of Dr. Andreas Bee.




NDR- radio report

Geyso20 on Air and on TV

A warm welcome to the team of NDR Niedersachsen. Enjoy the report for „Hand in Hand für Norddeutschland"














Bild, Lutz Möller, o. T., o. J., Sammlung Geyso20


"Interstellaris - ugur ulusoy & geyso20"

Please enjoy the film, realised by Pujan Shakupa, film maker based in Berlin!

Exhibition and workshop - until december 22, 2023

"Interstellaris - ugur ulusoy & geyso20"

Workshop and Exhibition, Gallery Geyso20, beginning on september 4, Vernissage at october 23, 6.

Uğur Ulusoy, artist, currently based in Istanbul, works with artists of the studio community transforming the gallery to a temporary studio.  Concentrating on painting and installation, we are looking forward to the opening on october 6, 7 p m.

Coming up:

Finissage on december 22 with Uğur Ulusoy and Winfried Kostka!

The artists of Geyso20 are: sind Johanna Kranz, Karsten Hallmann, Volker Darnedde, Christine Hoffmann, Dirk Geffers, Murat Akay, Winfried Kostka and Andreas Kuhn.





The photographs show Markus Zimmermann, artist, Frankurt Main, during the opening speech, and Uğur Ulusoy, Winfried Kostka and Elisabeth Schmidt, photographed by Stephanie Harke.