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Projects 2024

Idyllerei 24

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Idyllerei 24 - Barrier-free festival with internation exhibition

Kulturwerkstatt auf AEG, May 31 until june 2, Nuremberg


We are delighted, that Christine Hoffmanns´work has been presented alongside artists from Serbia, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Cuba, Sweden, Hamburg, Berlin or Osnabrück.

The international festival, organised for the second time colleagues from Idyllerei, an open studio of Lebenshilfe Nuremberg, combined performances, inclusive workshops, film screenings, lectures, theatre performances and various panels discussing the role of outsider art in art history and society.

The festival inspired panellists, artists, participants and guests from over ten countries.




Photo: Workshop "Der Schwarm", Idlylerei, Lebenshilfe Nuremberg









Workshop with Nina Pfannenstiel, Kunstwerkstatt Mosaik Berlin

On march 4, we had a workshop together with Nina Pfannenstiel, founder and director of Kunstwerkstatt Mosaik Berlin. Subjects like "attitude" and "curation" are topics that we have talked about.

















Foto: Nina Roskamp